Image from ArtSpeak Presents: Alicia Zanoni, March 2018. Photo by Rick Tryon.

Image from ArtSpeak Presents: Alicia Zanoni, March 2018. Photo by Rick Tryon.


What is ArtSpeak?

Our Mission: Strengthening artist and community connection through education, advocacy, and storytelling.

Our Vision: We connect you to artists. We share their stories.

Our Story: ArtSpeak started in 2016 with an idea stolen from Kindergarteners—show and tell. We wanted to have artists bring in their work and talk about it. From visual to culinary arts, we wanted to hear from everyone. Over the years, showing their work slowly morphed into sharing their story. Throughout this process, we quickly found two things: Artists don’t have many opportunities to share their story, and communities don’t have access to their local creators. So, we made it a point to change that.

Keeping our child-like mentality, we decided to turn this small event into a something a little bit more legitimate. So in 2018, ArtSpeak, Inc. officially became a 501(c)(3) organization. Currently, we have two ongoing initiatives:

  • ArtSpeak Presents is our monthly, long-form interview that aims to unpack artists’ stories. This is a live event that is hosted by The Harrison Center, and is FREE to the public.

  • ArtSpeaker is our weekly, conversation-style podcast where we talk about artists’ views on success, critique, and their role in society today.

We take artists and their craft seriously, but ourselves, not so much. Our goal is to create platforms around the world to share artists’ stories, and make them accessible to their respective communities. From our live events to our growing media outlets, we want to share as many stories as possible.