More About ArtSpeak


What defines art?

Art is a conscious creative expression of human experience. The medium is not the art, but the intent & process.

Why Art?

Art is inherently emotional and thought provoking. Art transcends all differentiators and triggers unexplainable action.

What are differentiators?

Not limited to Race, Religion, Culture, Age, Gender, Ethnicity, etc.

What types of art?

Medium is not the art, but the intent and process of creation.

What are intimate creator conversations?

A deep dive into the mind of an artist through a vulnerable conversation about their perspective.

What defines a creator?

Anyone who practice art (see above…)

Why do cities need to be changed?

Cities are the centers of culture, and the center of culture is art, therefore art has the undeniable power to change cities. We want people to move from passive observers to active contributors.

What are Active Contributors?

Active contributors will exemplify compassion & action on the behalf of marginalized people or ideas.

How do we enrich and change cities?

Providing opportunities for intimate creator conversations to create active contributors, using art as the catalyst.

Why do intimate creator conversations enrich and change cities?

See “How do we enrich and change cities? & What are Active Contributors?”

Do artists alone have the power to change cities?

All people have the ability to change cities by living as active contributors. We are artists and we have a passion for artists, but we believe that art inspires everyone. Partnerships add value and increase impact.

Why is it called ArtSpeak?

Art speaks for itself and we want people to speak about art.

What is culture?

The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.