Trevor St. Aubin


Trevor is the founder of ArtSpeak. He's known for his sultry voice, ethnic ambiguity, and love of Taco Bell (when he's not trying to be healthy, of course). 

Last meal on earth: Toasted, double-decker peanut butter & banana sandwich
Favorite album: Low Level Owl Vol. 1 by The Appleseed Cast


Fred Miller


Fred swears he came up with the idea for ArtSpeak a few seconds before Trevor said it. He can be found riding his bike around Indianapolis, videotaping random things, and playing synthesizer (and always sharing his opinion).

Last meal on earth: Really yummy tacos
Favorite album:  Canopy Glow by Anathallo


Jingo M. de la Rosa


Jingo (like "Bingo" but with a J) is the mastermind behind the ArtSpeak brand, even though everyone forgets that he was once a featured guest on ArtSpeak.

Last meal on earth: Sisig with garlic rice and a fried egg (Google it)
Favorite album: Thriller by Michael Jackson


Ethan Harrell

Audio engineering

Ever feel like you're in the room while listening to the ArtSpeak podcast? It's all because of Ethan, the hardest working man in show business. He spends his time fine tuning his mics to capture the sweetest audio you've ever heard.

Last meal on earth: Chili
Favorite album: Gold by Ryan Adams


Jill McDaniel

digital promotions

If you think ArtSpeak has its act together, it's probably because of Jill. Jill isn't just a great marketing mind, she also keeps everyone in the team on their toes by being the most organized.

Last meal on earth: A Big Meaty Steak
Favorite album: Disney's Aladdin Soundtrack


Tom Day

Volunteer & Street Team Leader

Tom Day is a full name kind of guy. When you meet him you'll understand that calling him 'Tom' just doesn't cut it. Tom is passionate, friendly, funny, outgoing, and can sing nearly as well as he can paint. If you want to be involved with ArtSpeak, just talk to Tom Day, if he hasn't already asked you to help!

Last meal on earth: Bru Burger
Favorite album: Vessel by 21 Pilots